Greece’s 81-year-old inspirational windsurfer breaks world record

Greece’s 81-year-old windsurfer Anastasia Gerolymatou has achieved her goal, entering the Guinness Book of Records by sailing from Skala Kefallonias to Kyllini today Saturday, August 24, on a windsurfing board, covering a distance of 18 nautical miles and sending a strong message to all young people: “never give up on your dreams.”

It took Gerolymatou six hours to surf 18 miles from Skala Kefalonia to Kyllini, allowing her to claim the Guinness World Record for the oldest windsurfer in the world.

“It was difficult, but I did it,” said the 81-year-old Yiayia, who travelled the distance from Skala in Kefalonia to Ileia on her surfboard.

The inspirational Kefalonitissa started her big venture on Saturday at noon, with favorable weather conditions and she managed to reach Kyllini at 6pm, after about six hours at sea.

Congratulations Anastasia!

Source: greekcitytimes

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