Last month’s & 7-month airline arrivals to the Ionian Islands

International air arrivals to the Ionian Islands and July 2019 began last year, according to Fraport data.

Specifically in Corfu, arrivals stood at 318,051 versus 330,765 in the corresponding month last year, down -3.80%. Aktio stood at 75,279 against 71,302 last year, up + 5.60%. In Kefalonia arrivals reached 76,970 versus 73,549 last year, an increase of + 2.60%. Zakynthos reached 204,151 against 199,033 last year, up + 2.60%.

Total arrivals to Ionian islands in July amounted to 674,451 against 674,649 in the corresponding month last year, down 198 persons. 

Thus, in the first seven months of this year international arrivals reached 1,663,019 against 1,666,304 in the same period last year, a decrease of -0.20%. 

It is expected that in the next two months of August and September, this noticeable decrease will be overcome and we will close with a positive sign and this year’s tourist season, stresses the Vice-Regional Tourism Spyros Galiatsatos.  


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