Castle of Saint George

Castle of St George – Livathos

Castle of St George - Castle of St George - KefaloniaThe castle of St George is one of the most well known and historic sites in the region of Livatho.  The fortification of the hilltop was begun by the Byzantines but it was the Venetians who gave the castle its final form in the 16th century. The castle served as the island’s capital until 1757 when it was damaged in a major earthquake.

Recent renovations have restored some of the castle’s former glory, while the views from this strategic vantage point are magnificent and encompass a large part of the island, including Argostoli and Karavado. Within its wall are the remains of various churches and dwellings, while beneath the castle gates lies the ‘Kastro’ quarter with the metropolitan church of Evangelistria, a typical example of Ionian baroque, in which notable post-Byzantine icons from the ruined churches of the Castle have been preserved.

South of Kastro lies the historic convent of Saint Andreas Milapidias, whose old church has been converted into an ecclesiastical museum with notable post-Byzantine icons.

One of the most important preservation works on the castle was the restoration of the main gate. However, other than regular maintenance, cleaning and restoration no excavations have been carried out to date. It is well known that a tunnel connecting the castle with Argostoli once existed but it has yet to be discovered or explored and has most likely collapsed in subsequent earthquakes.


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