A brief description of Kefalonia!

Cephalonia (Kefalonia) is located in the Ionian Sea. It is the largest of the Ionian islands and the 6th largest of all greek islands. The Capital is Argostoli. The economy is based on agriculture and cattle-raising; along with the financial reinforcement of the seamen and tourism.

Cephalonia island combines mountains, forests and sea. The best choice for visitors who love the miracles of nature. It has beautiful shores that meet with the clean, blue waters of the Ionian sea. Some of the best beaches of Europe are situated at this marvellous island.

If you are impressed with all the attractions Cephalonia has to offer, wait till you visit one of the many fine restaurants around the island. The savory Cephalonian cuisine will impress you the most! The various dishes are made by locally grown fresh produce. Have your main dish accompanied by our local “robola” wine and followed by “mantoles”, a great local sweet. Bon appetit!


One thought on “A brief description of Kefalonia!

  1. Φοβερή Κεφαλονιά φοβερά Sunshine Studios !!! Δύο φορές μέσα σε ένα καλοκαίρι!!

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